Monday, August 11, 2014

Caught in the tides

Don't worry I won't disappoint you
What you expect I'll create
No matter if I had a cloudy day
I'll make the sun and chase the rain

I'll never change I'll stay the same
I can't help but act this way

I don't wanna disappoint
I want to make you happy
I don't want to disappoint
Let's forget that ever happened

It's ok by me even if you leave
I tried my best to make you happy
But if you leave I'll try and be
Feel the way I did when I had you

Water falls
Clouds roll away
Maybe someday I'll be ok
I'll try to hold
On to what I know
Try not to get caught in the tides

Sunday, May 19, 2013


He spent every dime in his pocket making sure I had a smile on my face
He spent all his time on this planet making memories that I'd never forget
If I had every dollar he spent on me I'd buy even more memories
To last infinity

So we'd never be broke on laughter and smiles
And afternoons at the mall as a child
And long drives in the summer to the magic kingdom
And long talks about nothing in particular

Playing your old favorite songs
Visiting your old stomping grounds
Makes things feel like they used to be
When you were still here with me

He couldn't say no to anything I wanted even if I didn't deserve it
He didn't let me fall anytime I screwed things up and made a big mistake
If he had a dollar everytime he picked me up he'd be a millionaire
Maybe a billionaire

And with that he'd buy us no more worries in life
Spend every penny making sure we'd have no more sleepless night
Drive me in his yellow station wagon to all my dreams
And when I reached the stars he'd be right there taking pictures of me

Singing your old favorite tunes
Watching your favorite movies on the tube
Makes it feel like the old times
You'll never leave my heart, my mind

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Silver Lining

Looking for that pie in the sky
Trying to give it one last try
Chances are I'm still so far far away
From my silver lining

Searching for that beam of light in the distance
Navigating my hopeless existence
Everyone's betting I'll never make it
To my silver lining

Thunder and lightning
Can't shake can't derail me
Like the fishes in the sea
I flow through waves crashing into me
And when I wash up onto shore
There you are to take me home
Nurse me back to health
Your my silver lining

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time Will Tell

1st Verse
I'm done counting to ten
And chasing after you again
I'm done with the play yard games
Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for you to come
What's said is over and  done, enough's enough

Put down what you said
Take back your hollow threats
You didn't mean to throw those words at me
Hit me with, curse at me

Cause I know you oh too well
And even though your mad as hell
I know what's under your shell
The truth can hide but only time will tell

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So Right

Told her on Monday I was leaving
She never saw it coming
Was all of the sudden
She held back tears in her eyes

Thought we'd have all summer to
Believe in
Thought we could take our time
But time flies
I held back tears in my eyes

I tell myself you'll forget her in time
But i can't help, but to think about her all night

What if I said cmon lets go
Gonna break my plans
Cause deep down I know
This is so right so right
Left my big plans aside
Sounded good at the time
But thinkin right now
This is so right so right

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lois Lane

Your dreams run faster
You wish u had a
Pair of wings to fly away
Back to the day
You were superman
and she was your Lois Lane

You were her everything
But now ur hearts
hang by a string
Too tired to untangle
U try and ur hearts unravel

How do I pull us from the edge
How do I save the day
howd our building catch on fire
How do I put out the flames
How can I be ur superman again
And u be my lois lane
I'll be ur superman
If u be my Lois Lane

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Was It Worth It

Out for your own agenda again
How do you feel with all the attention
Now you squirmed your way to the top
Got everything you asked for you wanted

Sitting like a pirate on all your shiny gold
Leaving all your friends behind in the storm
Was it really worth it
Was it really worth it

I'll be here with all the low lives and peons
Talking bout how we used to know you long before